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Work Rehab Workshops

We have just presented our first new batch of Workshops.

Active Job Seeking and Interview Skills

Client's will learn to understand the techniques required to actively look for work, be able to use the tools necessary for active job seeking (ie Resume, Application letters) and gain the necessary techniques/skills when attending a job interview. This workshop will provide you with the skills to disclose your injury without feeling like it will disadvantage you with a potential employer

Resume Development

Gain better understanding of the purpose of a Resume and its importance when applying for employment, be able to create a complete a Resume which clearly defines their skills, experience and educational background. Be confident and able to write a Job Application cover letter.

Coming Soon

Changing Lanes

This workshop is all about change and the benefits we can bring to our post injury vocations.  It explores who you are and where you can go from here.

Taking Control

This workshop explores transferable skills and how you can make the most of your pre injury experience.  It identifies vocational needs and enables goal setting using a SMART goal method